Blake’s Banner

The Meltons / April 21, 2020

Blake and his family are very special to us. We were looking for a way to honor Blake’s cause that would be personal to us. My husband Mark suggested we sponsor our son’s baseball team this Season. We are a big time baseball family!! I loved the idea, and so we did! I was so excited to see the banner with Blake and his little lizard, and most importantly his website for all to see!! As we all know our world quickly changed this March and there are no baseball games. Blake’s banner still stands and so does his cause. As families are out for walks or playing at the park, they will see it. Many people feel helpless right now and looking for ways to help others and stay connected. My prayer is that Blake’s banner will inspire them, lift their spirits and carry on Blake’s legacy as they provide acts of kindness for others. We love you Davis Family!! Love, The Meltons

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