Chain of Kindness

Carri Collins / June 28, 2019

#forblake I’m traveling to Portland this morning to see my daughter Katelyn. I’m very early because I’m used to driving further. I am in line waiting to show ID and boarding pass and the lady in front of me has a lizard keychain on her bag. So I thought of Blake and started a conversation with her telling her a bit about Blake and the good deeds. We are a little more than half way back from check point. This young woman very frazzled is coming up behind and asking if she can go in front she is running late for her flight. The gentleman behind me told her NO, he was running late as well (but he never asked to go in front) I over hear this and said “why don’t you both go I front of me I’m very early and #forblake.” They looked at me a little confused but advanced in front of me. My heart melted as the next 10 people that had overheard my story to the lady with the lizard backpack also let the 2 go ahead and said #forblake. By that time, others just let them through and they made it. It’s amazing how a bit of kindness goes far. A great start to my trip. Paying it forward #forblake and the world.

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