Change Makers

Kaitlyn Farr / April 15, 2020

When an email went out from my daughters 2nd grade teacher looking for presenters to come in and speak about how they were “change makers” in our community, I knew the perfect couple. Rob & Leah, the parents of Blake, who created a movement that was changing peoples lives on a regular basis. I decided that these 7-8 year olds would benefit from hearing this amazing story about kindness. It’s a hard world out there, and sometimes more cruel than we realize for these school aged kids who face regular feelings of not fitting in, or being bullied. I wanted them to hear that when you aren’t feeling the best, you can channel your hurt into good. You can do something kind for someone else and in turn, feel better about your day. I wanted them to know that if we each do our small part it can catch like wildfire and make the world a better place.

We pulled up the map on a big screen and read stories of good deeds. The kids felt inspired, they shared their own ideas, and in the end they each took a “Blake Card” and vowed to be part of this movement. They were able to see that just by doing something small and when all the small things are put together, it create something BIG! Something they can be a part of even at such a young age.

It’s my hope that Blake and his story left an imprint on these kids hearts and our world will be filled with more kindness.


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