Cheerful Vet

Claudia Mengelt / December 9, 2019

On my way to do some gift shopping, I drove past a homeless veteran. His sign didn’t even ask for anything… he just stood there waving at cars. I parked in front of the store and wondered what to do as I am never carrying cash anymore. So I decided I would go ask if I could take him out for lunch or buy him a couple of nights in a hotel. Crossing the street, I remembered that for once I had a money on me.

So I started by giving him my twenty and then had a wonderful conversation about his life … Vietnam-vet, homeless by choice, getting VA support for most of his needs but not his dentistry, out waving at cars to spread Xmas cheer because he feels he looks a lot like Santa (he does, minus the costume), and he was grateful for the money as it helps him with dental work. He turned down my offer for lunch and hotel … and I left happy knowing he’s really not as needy as I first worried he his. … thank you Blake for making me stop & cross the street. #teamBlakeforever

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