Circle of Kindness

Nikki Summers / July 26, 2017


There truly is a God and his Angels are on earth. My friends child (Blake) has been in the hospital for 3 weeks. When the family was asked what everyone can do to help; their only response was to pay it forward in Blake’s name (Angels on earth). It gets better!

MONDAY: I paid for a sick woman’s groceries

TUESDAY: An unknown man in front of me at the drive thru at Chick fil A, paid for my entire families meal.

I ask you my FB family to join Blakes team, and go pay it forward. My friends have started something, and the universe is responding. This world can be amazing!. #teamblake Praying for you Leah Rodig Davis and Rob Davis

Praying for you Leah Rodig Davis and Rob Davis

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