Community Gratitude

Liz Mc Quillan Vigus / February 8, 2019

Today I stopped at a Starbucks. It wasn’t my normal Starbucks, in an area of San Diego I am very rarely in and as I was in the line of the drive thru a couple fire trucks and paramedic truck pulled in. I immediately thought of Blake and how I could thank these men for all they do for the community. Then I decided I would get them all Starbucks gift cards! So I pulled into a parking spot and went inside to get 11 gift cards making sure to write #ForBlake on each one and handed them to these men who sacrifice so much for others. I explained what it meant and they were all very touched and thankful to be a part of such a great thing. Think it may have been fate that I was at that Starbucks at that time. Thank you for always being an inspiration Blake and thank you Leah and Rob for sharing your story to help make the world a nicer place. #gooddeedsforblake #SVFD #starbucks

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