Cravings & Curly Fries

Claudia Mengelt / January 21, 2019

Having been furloughed, I decided to give Lyft driving a chance. I love it because it gives me SO many opportunities to do good deeds for Blake. Every time I learn that someone‘s having a rough day, I can turn off the Lyft meter and give them the rest of the ride for free. Sometimes I tell them about Blake but sometimes – for example the person who shared she’s terminal cancer – I just listen and care.

My favorite ride was yesterday: picked up a young guy at his home who shared that he was helping his roommate recover from surgery and they celebrated her not needing the pain meds with breakfast and mimosas. He now was too buzzed to drive but she wanted curly fries. (I‘ve been there – with that curly fries craving) So I thanked him for being so kind and taking care of his roommate, turned off the Lyft clock, and told him I‘d give him a free ride home from Jack-in-the-Box. While he was inside waiting for his food order, I pulled up a picture of Blake and I told him about Blakie‘s story. I got to pay it forward to someone who was already paying it forward. Thank you Blakie for opening my eyes to seeing how much kindness there is in this world already

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