Day Made

Nikki Mizerek / June 11, 2021

While dining in was still not an option, the girls and I picked up dinner at one of our favorite local spots. They converted their entry door into a walk up “window” to order your food to go. When I paid for our food, I gave the owner additional money and asked her to apply it to the orders behind me in honor of Blake. I also handed her about 4 cards and asked her to hand them out with the meals I covered. She wanted to keep one for herself too and it is now displayed in the restaurant.

We stepped aside to wait for our food to be made. I ran into a neighboring store to pick up some drinks when I heard a young lady at the counter say “No Way!”. When I walked out of the store and joined the girls, they shared with me what they witnessed.

They watched as the next four people approached the window, take their wallets out, and then put them away. They were told that their food was paid for and they were handed a ForBlake card. They smiled and read the cards over.

Ashlyn told me that the first girl (who I overheard) kept looking around the parking lot. As the girls were sharing what they watched unfold, the young lady approached me and started thanking me. She said, “you completely made my day. I had the worst day today and all I wanted to do was get some food and lay down but this completely turned it around. You don’t even know…..thank you!”

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