Delicate Matters

Karen Fish Hanson / June 20, 2019

Today I noticed a woman who appeared lost in the mall parking lot. I asked her if she was having trouble locating her car and invited her to ride with me through the parking lot to find her car.

During the time it took to locate her vehicle we shared our current life challenges. She told me she was just beginning to drive again because she was her husband’s caretaker and he could no longer drive. She was scared, alone, and fragile.

I shared with her my brother passed away on Monday and I was feeling scared, alone, and fragile.

Two strangers came together today and shared delicate matters of the heart. I helped her with Blake on my mind and because of Blake the woman and I were not as scared or feeling so alone or so fragile.

Thank you sweet boy for making the world a little softer and easier to manage in times of sorrow and sadness.

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