Claudia Mengelt / March 18, 2019

#Teamblake – can you help make a #gooddeedforblake even better? After the fire in Paradise, I decided that my next good deed for Blake would be to foster a pet displaced by the fire.

Somehow I believe it was more than coincidence, that looking at Sweetie’s picture on January 3rd, I knew right away that she was meant to be my foster. I knew nothing about her and her family but committed on January 4th to foster her.

Since then I learned that her owner is in his early 20s and lost everything in the fire. His evacuation story is as scary and traumatic as so many others you’ve probably already heard about. He’s now staying with his uncle (no dogs allowed) and working to save money so he has the resources to live on his own with Sweetie.

Here’s the best part and where I feel Blake somehow had a hand in matchmaking: Chris, her owner, had decided to become a first responder. During the three months we were fostering Sweetie, he was getting EMT certified. He has saved up just enough cash to rent a car and drive with Sweetie to North Dakota where he’ll be staying with a friend and finishing his training as a first responder.

So here’s my ask: Would you be able to send gift cards for pet food, gas, Walmart, or Amazon so that we can send Chris and Sweetie off with the most basic needs. I would like them to start out this new chapter comfortably so that Chris can focus on learning how to safe lives … PM me for mailing address or cash donations.

Email is Claudia.mengelt@gmail.com; Every amount will help – thank you #teamblake

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