Dogs on the Loose

Lori Rodig / May 31, 2021

So I don’t really like to share about the good deeds that I do, it seems to go against my philosophy of remaining anonymous in these moments of grace, but I will share something lovely from Friday, because many hands were involved in the outcome.

When I started to leave the house Friday with my two pups for our evening walk I noticed, in my peripheral view, two big dogs frolicking on the neighbors lawn. They were alone, without leashes or collars and so I put my dogs back inside for safety and went to see if I could capture them.

When I got back outside, the neighbor of the house had just pulled up and she had the Lab in a bear hug but the other dog had run through the next neighbor’s backyard fence.

That neighbor came running out saying, hey, a strange dog just came in from my back door and is inside my house!

We asked Bryan, that neighbor, if he would hold both dogs in his back yard while we located their owner since he had no pets. He agreed.

Meanwhile I went walking and asking throughout the neighborhood about the dogs, knocking on doors of friends that I knew, made phone calls and concluded the best solution was to take them to my vet to have their chip read if they had one.

So I gathered two make-shift leashes, and knocked on Bryan’s door, but as it turned out, another neighbor had decided to do the exact thing while I was searching.

Then, just as I was walking back toward the sidewalk I heard people calling out the names of what sounded like dog names. I yelled to them and asked if they were searching for two dogs. Of course they were. When they ran over to me it turned out to be a kid who had grown up on the street nearby and who was visiting his grandparents.

I explained where the dogs were and he was so grateful that he said “I don’t know if your vaccinated or not but I just really want to hug you” and I said I was and so we did.❤️

It took a bunch of good people to make this good deed happen. Sometimes it takes a village and sometimes it just takes one person. But no matter what, love is always the answer.

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