Drago the Dog

Judith Mizerek / July 16, 2017

The other day while at the Mall I was looking for someone maybe in need to do something for but couldn’t find anyone. Out of the blue I got a call from our new neighbors , a young couple asking me if I knew anyone who does pet sitting. I couldn’t think of anyone and asked her why ( as they have a 5 mo old Great Dane puppy. She said her Mom was getting married the next day and needed someone to watch Drago. I thought for a minute and said we could do that thinking no problem it would only be for the day. Well next day Drago’s Daddy brought this little giant over and proceeded to tell me that Drago was having stomach issues and a little diahrea. I thought it will probably go away if I didn’t feed him too much that day and oh by the way ” We will be back on sun ( two and a half days later) Wow . I thought it was only for a day but oh well how bad could it be. And forgot to say we have a VERY protective, jealous cat that someone nicknamed Cujo. So had to keep her locked up in our bedroom. The first night wasn’t to uneventful . Only one accident in the living room. So thought I would make some rice and boiled chicken and that would solve the problem. We decided we better leave Drago in the kitchen for the night as just in case. To my big surprise i woke up at 5 and thought I smelled something in the kitchen but was afraid to look so went back to bed but couldn’t fall back to sleep so decided to bite the bullet and peek in the kitchen. Ugh . What a disaster. Big, little piles all over the room. I thought as I was cleaning the mess. If this is my good deed for Blakie it’s well worth it. When I told the Mommy and Daddy about their little sweetheart they were sooo apologetic and wanted to buy us something for taking care of him but I told them we couldn’t accept anything because we wanted to do something to help someone in need for Blakie. I sure hope you Leah and Rob got some laughs from my story and I hope when you read it to Blake when he gets better he will laugh as well. God Bless you all. Aunt Judie and Uncle Ed

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