Family Feast

Brianne Sweeney / June 25, 2019

I was doing a bit of shopping for a client today. As I got out of my car, a middle-aged overweight woman approached me. Assertive, but not aggressive, she apologized for bothering me, said she understood if I couldn’t help, then explained her family’s plight. I have never been one to hand out money, but I’m all about providing food, goods, services…

And then I pointed to the government car explaining that I really wasn’t allowed to offer much under the circumstances.

She said she understood, she thanked me for taking the time to listen to her, and then she said “God bless you.”

Government vehicle be damned. I called after her and offered to buy her and her family some food at Panda Express.

Now, the more she talked, the more holes there were in her story. But Blake wouldn’t care, so neither did I. Whatever the actual truth was, this woman and her children were in need.

As I paid for her family feast, the cashier asked if I wanted to round up my bill for a donation to Children’s Hospital. As always, I did. And as always, I told a brief story about Blake, Scarlett, Leah, Rob, and Robin. And everyone nearby listened.

As I helped the woman get the sodas, the person behind me rounded up his bill an extra $20. “This is for Blake,” he said. And as I left the grocery store, I saw the woman sharing some of the Panda Express with a homeless man. I’d like to believe she shared Blake’s story.

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