Five Kind Kids

Douglas Family / January 16, 2020

We are a family with 5 kids, and all my children came up with things they wanted to do in honor of Blake. Since we are all very into swimming, my 3 oldest girls decided it would be nice to create a basket of swim toys and goggles, as well as snacks for the instructors, and donate it to the YMCA. We delivered the basket with Blake’s card and they were very thankful.

My son decided he would like to donate a basket of helpful items and food, along with a blanket, to a homeless man we sometimes see on our way to activities.

My youngest wanted to do something nice for Blake’s family, so we went to the store and she helped me pick out some things Scarlett would enjoy, as well as things her parents would appreciate as well, and we delivered it to their house.

We continue to do small gestures, such as buying coffee for strangers, and will continue to look for these opportunities in honor of Blake and his amazing family 🙂

(Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of most of these things but this one will have to do!)

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