Giving Tree

Kathy Coyne Borowick / December 9, 2019

I am very blessed and always try to be mindful of those less fortunate. This year, I gave extra #ForBlake.

Instead of one tag off giving tree at church, I took two and bought extra gifts. If they asked for outfit, they got two. Mom asked for couple pots; she got a whole set. My school has adopted a family. I bought a gift for every member in family. The father asked for a coat. He got a work coat to wear when working outside, but he also got a nicer, “regular” winter coat to wear when not working. The “regular” one has a kindness card and gift certificate in pocket. An Uber driver in Nashville who is going through a tough time, got a Christmas card with a little something extra to help.

Santa will be making an extra delivery to my school with something that will make the teachers very happy and bulletin boards easier!

Although I don’t always post here, Blake is always on my mind and in my heart. Anyone who knows me knows Blake. And has probably been a recipient of a Good Deed along the way.

Sometimes it is a momentary thing, sometimes it’s lunch, sometimes it’s a smile and a kind word, but it is ALWAYS #ForBlake and his incredible family. Knowing you all makes me a better person. I can’t tell you all how very much you mean to me. All I can do is Good Deeds #ForBlake. ALWAYS. Keeping you even closer these days. I love you.

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