Good People

Claudia and Toni / March 8, 2020

Toni and I were going for a stroll along the waterfront to check out the Ferry schedule when we encountered a homeless guy on the Ferry terminal who gave Toni all the necessary information. It was clear he was interested in having a friendly conversation. Toni and I just filled up on free cheese and crackers at the Hotel and I thought how unfair that we got a free dinner and not Rob. So I asked him if he had dinner and when he said ‘no’ we invited him to join us for dinner. We had a lovely conversation over dinner, enjoyed some wine with Rob and it became clear that the restaurant staff knew Rob and liked him a lot. When it came to pay, the waiter had only charged me for our drinks but not for any of Rob’s dinner. As Rob said all night, the world is still filled with lots of good people. It was an honor to do another good deed for Blake. ❤️

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