Good Will

Erin Norton / September 5, 2017

I am so thrilled that Blakie is well on the way of recovery. I’ve been thinking a lot about the good I can put back into the world on his behalf. I’m super excited to let you know I’m going to be volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in SF.

Ronald McDonald House is a charity that provides free (or nearly free housing) to families so they can stay together, close by their hospitalized child. I’ll be helping at the monthly Family Support dinners and being there for other families who need a little extra positive energy and Blakie good will.

Thank you for sharing your story, Blake’s recovery and asking us all to make the world a little better. I’ve been wanting to give back to other’s going through medical trauma since my last surgery, but didn’t know how to help until Blake’s recovery pushed me to look for opportunities that could help a family like yours. Hugs!

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