Gratitude in Yosemite

Claudia / July 14, 2021

After spending an amazing weekend camping in Tuolumne Meadows, I was on my way home to rejoin my family. If you know the park at all, you know that in that area of the park, there is zero cell reception anywhere and I had been out of touch with my family for that reason for 2 days and I was anxious to let them know that I’m well and on my way home.

With that in mind, I passed a guy sitting in his disabled vehicle, emergency blinkers on, hood propped open and waving me down. I passed him and realized what a perfect opportunity for a good-deed-for-Blake. I turned around to offer my help, because he was alone and had no access to cell service.

When I met up with him and checked in on him, his car was indeed out of commission and I offered him a ride or my help in alerting the park rangers that he needed a tow service. He opted for the latter so that he doesn’t have to abandon his car.

I drove until I found a fire-crew, which I knew would have radios. I asked them to radio the park rangers to let them know about the guy with the disabled vehicle and once I was guaranteed that park rangers were on their way, I continued on my way home with gratitude for this opportunity for a good-deed-for-Blake.

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