Happiness Jar

Stephanie Bylund / January 1, 2020

On January 1, 2019 a group of us decided to start New Year’s jars where we would write down positive things that happened throughout the year, things that were kind, or made us happy, or made us feel loved, and then we’d read them at the end of the year. We made these jars #forblake so we could continue to send positive energy and love to Blake and his family. On January 3, 2019, I looked at the jar all day unsure of what I should do. Finally, I took a piece of paper and wrote down something that made me happy, and I cried, and I thanked Blake for helping us all to see the power of kindness and positivity. And #forblake my family and I have filled the jar all year. We decided to open the jar today, January 2, 2020 instead of New Year’s Eve, and as we read through each slip of paper we laughed, smiled, hugged, and cried. This was truly a gift of kindness and love for my family, and we decided we will fill the jar again. ❤️?

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