Hearts Full of Love

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / August 4, 2017

Just now, as I sat waiting to see my Rheumatologist ( who is typically way behind schedule ) I overheard an elderly man talking to the nurse, who was explaining that he was unlikely to see the doctor because he had gotten so backed up with patients.

The elderly man pleaded with her, explaining how he had so much pain and needed some type of injection that could not wait another day. I jumped into their conversation ( realizing I was next to see the doctor ) and offered for him to go ahead of me. The nurse asked me if I was sure, and I said yes, the man was in such pain. Of course the gentleman showed gratitude as he hobbled inside, but it is my heart that is full.

It is so easy to pass love around, not just because we are aware of our passion to share love in the name of Blake, but because this is what we are called to do daily as part of humanity.

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