I hope you win

Robin Rodig / January 26, 2019

Every morning for years now, I get my morning coffee at the nearby 7-11. I greet the folks that work there by name, they know mine, and, without fail, there is always a pleasant exchange. Every day. Recently I realized as I was walking out the 7-11 door to my car, the smile I had on my face. And also realized that that smile has been produced by those people every day now for years when I walk out that door.

My routine has been that each time I earn a free cup of coffee, I get a Super Lotto ticket. In my head I figure, “I’m getting a free cup. It must be my lucky day!” Today, when I earned my free cup, Laura, at the register, immediately without my asking, turned to print my Super Lotto ticket. This time though, I took it from her, paired it with the folded Blake’s story in my pocket, handed it back to her and said, “Thank you for making me smile everyday. I hope you win.”

I love you lil’ Bud. Thank you for helping me look for ways to be kind every single day. #gooddeedsforblake #forblake

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