In Honor of Blake

Nikki Mizerek / November 12, 2019

I have a story to share regarding this evening’s trip to the grocery store.

I was in line and Marcus, the gentleman in front of me, was engaging in light hearted and joking conversation with both me and the lady in front of him. Even the clerk behind the counter noticed the entertainment in the conversations. (He asked us three parties to continue in his line for the next hour to finish off his shift.)

Marcus finished paying for his groceries and was still standing there when my purchase was being captured. He looked at the cashier as my total displayed on the screen and asked if he could pay on my behalf. The cashier looked at me and asked it if was ok.

I pulled a #ForBlake card from my wallet and informed Marcus I will accept in honor of Blake. As he started to walk away, I said thank you again and asked that he reads the story. Still stepping away, he said that he would.

As I collected my purchase, Marcus walked back to me and said “I knew this was the Blake you were talking about” as he held up the card. He said he knows the story and came back requesting a hug.

Good deeds done, good deeds accepted, and strangers in a community embraced in honor of Blake.

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