Keep Loving

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / December 8, 2019

On the way home from Jillian’s practice this evening we saw an elderly man walking, barefooted in a pair of shorts and with eyeglasses tilted on his face. His jacket was also half off his shoulders and he was walking as if he was about to fall forward.

We considered the possibilities: he could be drunk, or just a beach bum, but something seemed wrong as he walked with mouth agape. So we decided to pull a u-turn and check on his well being.

I knew doing this was a risk, he was an adult man, so I could potentially insult him or he could attack me if he was mentally unstable, but I chose to go

I pulled my car right up to where he was and got out to address him. I asked,
“Sir, is everything okay?”
And he replied,
“No, I have Parkinson’s”.
My heart dropped. I said,
“We were just concerned because it is so cold and you aren’t wearing shoes”
And he said,
“I am retired, I never wear shoes anymore”
Then I asked,
“Can I ask where you are headed?”
And he said,
And I asked,
“Can we offer you a ride?”
And he said,
“No I need the exercise”
And finally I asked,
“Is there anything we can do for you?”
And he said,
“No, there is nothing anyone can do”

And then he was gone. As we pulled away our hearts were heavy. Jillian and I drove home in silence.

We are very aware of the delicate balance of life and loss but some days it can overwhelm. We can’t help everyone and not everyone wants to be helped but as I told Jillian we can keep trying and keep loving #ForBlake

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