Keep Trying

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / November 3, 2019

This morning, during our walk with our dogs, my daughter and I were presented with a special challenge and gift. We encountered a young man who was homeless in our local park, who had just risen from his sleep, still covered with a leaf-strewn woolen blanket and comforted by an old teddy bear beside him.

Of course we approached. Besides the scruff on his chin he wasn’t much more than a boy, maybe early 20’s.

We asked if we could help. Food, more blankets, a sleeping bag? He asked what color the sleeping bag was and I said I would check.

We came back with granola bars and bottles of water. He was uninterested in the sleeping bags, he did not like the color options.

We told him we would return with more. And we came back with jackets. He did not like those either. He kissed his teddy bear. We choked back tears.

Now he was never rude, he was very gentle and humble but had a far away look. He wanted us to know he was fine and would contact family and that he had food stamps and that the blanket was warm enough. It wasn’t warm enough. And of course we were worried.

We came back again with a cooked whole chicken, some bread, forks, napkins and plates, but he was gone. We so wanted to give him a hot meal. He needed the food. He could have been my son.

We tried again later but he was gone.

All of this was attempted in love and #ForBlake. All we can do in life is try and love, do our best. Sometimes we will not be received.

My daughter has a very soft heart, she hurt for this young man as I did. One day she will accomplish tremendous good in the world and in the meantime we will both keep trying #ForBlake.

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