Kindness Coupons

Robin Rodig / June 25, 2019

A few months ago, I shared that #gooddeedsforblake impacted the friendly, gracious, makes-me-smile-everyday 7-11 team I interact with every morning when I get my coffee.

This morning as I approached the checkout, Jackie, the personable manager, had something to share back with me. “I’ve been wanting to tell you this, Robin”, she said rather sullenly. “Last week I was having a really bad day.” I could see it on her face. It must’ve been a tough one. Just then, she reached for her wallet, pulled out her ID, and there behind it in the little plastic window was that sweet, angelic face. Blake’s face. “I keep it in here to remind me…” It was the kindness coupon I had given her a few months back that she now keeps in her wallet. Her explanation trailed off when she saw my eyes well up, but she didn’t need to go on. I thanked her several times for sharing with me and walked out, yet again, with a full heart.

Lil Bud, thank you for giving Jackie the strength and optimism she needed to get through that day.

#ForBlake #foreverinourhearts

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