Life is Fragile

Karen Fish Hanson / November 3, 2019

Today, I am reminded that the holidays are fast approaching. A few years ago, I was at a restaurant having breakfast. Especially during the holiday season I look toward the food counter to spot people who are sitting alone. On a few occasions I have informed the server that I would like to anonymously purchase their meal. That day was no different.

I spotted a man sitting alone, paid for his breakfast, and after finishing his meal I watched him through the restaurant window as he made his way across the parking lot. He got into his new Corvette and drove away.

My first reaction, other than finding humor in the moment, was to chastise my judgement. Feeling sorry for who I thought was a poor soul who was alone on a holiday I had made a choice. Not until years later did I look at the experience differently.

The man sitting at the food counter was just as alone on this holiday season as someone sitting alone on a park bench on a cold day.

I have learned over time that our lives are fragile and even if we appear quite capable, life can be better when we reach out to each other and see each other as we are instead of what car we drive or where we wish to sit and rest.

I don’t know where the man in the Corvette went that day, and I can only hope it was to join his family so as not to be alone.

So if you see someone by themself especially during the holiday season, judge them not but open your heart and extend your love. The world will be better for it.

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