Meant to Be

Kaitlyn Farr / August 17, 2019

I have been looking for a while to do a good deed for Blake, but nothing was coming to mind. But I kept my eyes open every day. This week I made an out of the way stop to a Target in National City. The item I was looking for was not there so it turned out to be a waste of time. However it turned out that I was supposed to be there. A mom was walking the parking lot asking for change to by her children food as I walked in. I wasn’t sure if it was a scam or not and I told myself that if when I leave, she was still out there, I will buy her children lunch. As I came out, I could see the desperation had grown stronger on her face as it was past 1:00 and the heat was intense.

I asked her if she had gotten enough money to buy food yet. She shook her head no. I asked if I buy her some groceries if she would have a way to get them home. She nodded and smiled. I walked her into target and filled the cart with healthy groceries. Her 5-year-old took off down an aisle to go look at TVs and I told her to go get him. I would wait. It dawned on me that this meal for her kids was too important to leave my side. I couldn’t imagine the feeling of having to decide to go after my kid, or potentially losing out on food for your family. I’m sure she was afraid my offer would be gone or I would leave her.

I wanted to tell her the story of Blake but I know the story would be lost on her during translation. So instead, we checked out together and I leaned down to the 3/4 year old and asked him to promise me that he would go to school, become really smart and always eat healthy so he will get big muscles! She helped explain and he gave me a big smile and flexed. It was apparent by the size of his arms and the clothes that hung on him, it was not a scam.

Thanks Blake for helping me find someone (a family) in need. I wish I could say I drove off feeling good about the action, but in all honesty my heart was broken. Hungry children is a real problem

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