Moments of Love

Ann Quilter / February 1, 2019

Despite frenetic days, your journey is never far from my mind. That first Sunday, when our communal pain was so raw, our church lesson was about God moments. “What was YOUR God moment? ” My prayers immediately went to Blake but slowly, I realized my God moment was you. Blake has blessed you with his voice so you can be the God moment in so many lives. Leah, your writings and willingness to share your family’s journey have made a profound difference in all our lives. Every day, I search for a For Blake moment, a bit of shared kindness.

This Christmas my brother-in-law gave me a monetary gift which I passed forward in Blake’s name. First to help with his medical expenses and next to help Odile Dewar, the beloved French teacher at LBHS who was retired for medical reasons, has exhausted her sick leave and has no income until her pension kicks in 5 months from now. She loved her students and brought so much joy to all us…a deserving For Blake God moment.

I pray for all of you daily. With love…

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