Moving Help

Andrea Blau / June 16, 2020

On my way home from work I stopped by Cost Plus World Market to pick up my curbside order that’s been ready since Saturday, but I hadn’t found the time to pick it up. There were two people, Kimber and Tony picking up furniture and decor for a new apartment, they both appeared to be stressed and because the furniture she ordered along with everything else wasn’t going to fit in their car.

I asked where their new apartment was, they told me by Coors Field downtown about 25 minutes from the store that had what they wanted to pick up. It seemed like the day had been long enough for them, we all know the stresses of moving and what that can be like.

I decided this was the reason my weekend was so busy and I was meant to be there right then to lend a hand. We loaded everything up in both our cars and moved it to their apartment downtown. After we were done they asked if they could give me some money and I told them instead they could visit and be inspired to also do something kind for others if the opportunity comes up for them. Tony started to tell me about the nonprofit he is involved with and I told him I would spread the word.

I am glad I was there at the right time to meet good people who are involved doing good for others as well and that Blake inspired me to set my plans aside to help some strangers.

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