No Good Deed is Too Small

Suzy Harris / February 16, 2020

This is so small but… A few days ago I was at Costco, and a woman in an electric scooter was struggling to pull down a big laundry detergent container.

I was running late to get to my son’s school for pickup, and this woman was down on the other end of the aisle, near a group of people waiting for prescription pickup. My thoughts were: “someone else will help her,” “I’m already late,” but then: “for Blake…” and down I walked to help. I had my baby in a front-pack carrier, so she and I laughed about how I already needed help in general too, but that those of us who “need a little extra help” have to stick together.

I left the store beaming and made it pick up my son with two minutes to spare. #ForBlake. ❤️?

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