On the Road

Eric Rodig / March 30, 2021

Yesterday I was approached by a weathered grey haired man pulling a large duffelbag on wheels.
He asked for directions to the train station. He had been “on the road” for 19 years and was heading East from California. He was afraid to travel on foot as the daunting passage through Marine base Camp Pendleton lay ahead for 17 miles. He said he was getting too old and needed to find an affordable location where he could settle down. About 20 minutes later I decided to follow the route to the train station to confirm he was really going there.

Sure enough, he had gone about 1/4 mile in the right direction. I stopped to offer him a ride to the station. We loaded his possessions into my car and made it there in just a few minutes. During that time I learned about his travels. I saw an opportunity to do a “Good Deed for Blake.” I gave him some train information and handed him $30.00 which would get him an Amtrak ticket to San Juan Capistrano and put him north of Camp Pendleton and closer to his goal of heading east. I gave him two Good Deed cards and asked him to help someone in his travels. I honestly believe he will do that.

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