Opportunity for Love

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / October 15, 2019

We have been making extra efforts to do good deeds in honor of Blake lately.

Of course, every act of love and kindness is done with my nephew in mind, but we have recently challenged ourselves to reach out more often.

Two days ago my daughter and I were pulling off the freeway and a man holding a sign offered us an opportunity for love. As I handed him a 5 dollar bill I added the #ForBlake card. Before we pulled away from him we saw his eyes get wide as he began to read the card and our hearts became full.

Tonight we were blessed to have dinner with my parents after Jillian’s Field Hockey game. The guy who delivered the food to our table and who cleaned it up was pleasantly surprised to find a 20.00 tip with the same #ForBlake card. Again, the money was nothing compared to the love we felt.

Sharing is caring, and reading every account on this site warms my heart. Blake lives on in all of us. Our collective acts of love are the handiwork of God. ❤️

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