Yeni L. Palomino / July 27, 2017

Blake You Are My Inspiration:

When you are able to support two amazing people at the same time you know the universe has a plan… And today Blake I was able to do that thx to you! A HS friend’s (Luddivina Magallon Bowes) sister Sara Magallon is raising money to be able to represent the US in AU for a Australian Football sport International Cup (you can learn more about her story here…/help-sara-represent-the-red-wh…). She is an amazing athlete dedicated to her family, community and her overall success. She is currently struggling as well having lost her Grandmother shortly after finding out her father is diagnosed with Cancer they have a battle to get through as well. I donated $40 to her effort in honor of you Blake #teamblake. True inspiration comes in the most beautiful ways even during the most tough times almost like a rainbow does during a storm…

sending lots of love and hugs your way Blake, Rob, Scarlett and Leah Rodig Davis #thistooshallpass #teamblake #teamsara #teaminspiration #teammotivation #hope #perseverance

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