Powerful Lesson

Robin Rodig / August 5, 2017

This morning as I got on a local freeway on-ramp that I’ve been on a million times, I noticed a car stopped at the meter line at the front of a line of waiting cars. The closer I got, I could see a woman holding a roughly 10 month old in her arms outside the car on the shoulder. Car after car would creep around her stopped car, impatiently trying to get on their way. With Blake in mind, I decided to stop behind her when I reached that point, get out, and ask if she needed any help or I could do anything for her. She shakily said, referring to her child, “I think he’s having an allergic reaction to something. I don’t know. I just called 911.” I told her I was just going to stay and wait with her until they got there.

It was only about a minute later that the ambulance pulled up but within that time this frightened mother had soulfully thanked me multiple times. One minute was all it took to hopefully help this woman feel like she wasn’t alone in this unexpected, scary situation. I watched her walk over to the ambulance and I drove away.

I cried all the way home. Not only because a kind person had similarly helped Blake and his parents a month ago during an unexpected, scary situation, but for the powerful lesson of kindness Blake had inspired in me. Lots of love to Blakies and that mom and child tonight.

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