Quality Time

Toni Mezerek / June 17, 2019

Today was a work travel day. I ordered a Lyft from the airport to the hotel and nearly the whole ride, my boss and I were in an in-depth personal conversation.

Close to the hotel, I stopped and apologized to ask the 20-year-old (ish) driver how his day was going. He told us that he didn’t want to be a bummer but he had to take his dad to the hospital earlier in the day though he’s now home and will have to return for more tests later. He was pretty bummed that was how he had to spend his Father’s Day.

I gave the driver a >100% tip and asked him to stop driving and go home to be with his dad. He told me it was his first tip and it lit up his face (how is that possible??) then he headed to his dad’s house.

You can’t beat quality time with those you love.

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