Sense of Serenity

Robin Rodig / November 27, 2019

For years, I’ve had a welcome routine of a morning walk on the same beat. And along this beat, for quite some time, has sat a senior woman at a local cafe along the way. Almost every morning. At the same sidewalk table for two, by herself, her walker placed within close distance, peacefully reading from her kindle, coffee cup nearby. I’ve just loved, as I often passed by, her sense of calm, serenity, security, and being in the moment. But today, I didn’t pass by.

Hoping to give (whom I now know as) Roberta a few extra cost-free mornings of peaceful reading and sipping, I walked into the cafe for a gift certificate, strolled over to her table, crouched down next to her, introduced myself and Blake’s story, and shared a few moments with her. I could tell she was pleasantly surprised. She gently expressed her thanks and said she would pay it forward. And I look forward to saying hi to a new friend on my walk every morning.

I love and miss you every minute of every day, Blakies. #gooddeedsforblake #forblake

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