Sleepy Soldier

Sarah Minich Sandefur / July 28, 2017

Hi Blake:

Today there was a sleepy little guy ahead of me in line at Costco (see picture). His mom was busy loading stuff onto the conveyor when he kept almost hitting his head on the cart handle because he was so sleepy and kept nodding off then waking up again over and over. I grabbed a canvas shopping bag from my stash, wadded it up into a pillow of sorts, and slipped it under his head so he could fall asleep peacefully. Instantly, he was out like a light. His mom thanked me and was worried about keeping the re-usable bag but I told her about you and your situation and how she shouldn’t worry about keeping the bag but to just “pay it forward” to little kids in need. Blake, we’re cheering for you every day, little guy. Keep fighting and growing stronger every day!

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