Spreading Sunshine

Kathy Coyne Borowick / February 14, 2019

Robin’s birthday and a day to celebrate love are the perfect combination #for Blake!! In honor of both Robin and Blake, I was extra today. Jenny and I got pedicures. I was going to pay for the woman next to me, but I decided to tip each of our manicurists more than our services cost.

The car next to me in parking lot had a flat tire…ok, so let’s be honest, I’m not much help there, but I did offer to turn my car so lights would shine on his tire and waited until he finished and was safe. (Yes, he was a 30 something year old in shape man….let’s just say I’m not) Not sure how I thought I was helpful, but I did chat with him and wish him well. We both laughed at me “helping” him.

At school, I stood in the parking lot before and after school acting as a crossing guard making sure all our students were safe. One little boy needed to use the facilities at school. He told me they were dirty so I cleaned the boy’s bathroom at school with a smile.

Every free moment at school I wandered around smiling wishing everyone I ran into a day full of love.

Both Blake and his super special auntie motivate me to spread a little bit extra sunshine whenever I can!

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