Subbing In

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / February 23, 2019

I have come to realize that a day does not go by where I am not mindful of the people around me who might need a #GoodDeedForBlake. In fact, I believe I have come to search for them, the homeless guys on the off-ramps, the people at the market who I can allow ahead of me because they only have a few items ( until I am now 7 deep in line ), the people I encounter daily who need simple help, like managing their bags, or carrying groceries to their car, or giving up my classroom to smelly kids at snack and lunch.

Yesterday all teachers received an email asking to cover classes for absent teachers during their conference period. They were begging for help, and offering payment. I called and said I’d take over a class but did not need to be paid. Again, it just felt right, necessary- like acting in Honor of Blake has become part of my DNA.

As I read all the stories here of the hundreds of people acting in love and kindness in honor of Blake, I think of God, and the powerful hand He has over all of this. God chose Blake for a greater purpose. Not only did he tie us all together into this amazing group of human kindness, but he gave everyone who met Blake or who read about Blake or who will come to read about Blake, a reason to love.

I used to feel just sad when I considered the loss of my nephew, but now that loss is coupled with such a feeling of victory. Blake’s soul is alive and victorious over death. His legacy of love is a victory! The good deeds that continue in his honor are a victory for our world.

Thank you a thousand times over Leah Rodig Davis and Rob Davis for your sacrifice, love, compassion, strength and willingness to share your journey so we can all share in this victory.

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