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Deborah DiMiceli / January 25, 2020

This journey started with a suggestion on Facebook to expand the reach of #ForBlake by spreading kindness across the country and beyond. Someone posted that they donated to and recommended others to join in funding school projects to encourage our youth. I went to the website and performed a search on my town, Huntington Beach, CA. I found a wonderful project at Ocean View High School started by Mrs. Ohara. I fully funded the project and sent a message of encouragement to the students and their thoughtful teacher. I asked them to pay it forward in any way they can #ForBlake. They don’t know that the project was funded yet; I imagine they will be excited and feel well loved, as they should. This is a wonderful way to extend generosity to others. I am honored to play a small part in this BIG movement.

Mrs. Ohara’s Project
In health class, we practice the skills of self-management such as stress management strategies and first aid. Throughout the semester, students practice identifying health behaviors that they can maintain or improve upon, self-monitor themselves, reflect, and use these skills and techniques in different situations that transfer into their everyday lives.

This project will support a class set of yoga mats that will facilitate our practice of self-management techniques throughout the year.
The first 10 minutes of class, we start off with stress-management techniques such as breathing, mindful movements (including yoga), mindful eating and mindful journaling. The class set of yoga mats are versatile and will be used inside the classroom and outside in nature.

Donate to support the social and emotional learning of our future generation. Imagine a world of adults that have the confidence to demonstrate positive mental and emotional coping skills!

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