Take a Minute

Suzy Powers Harris / January 28, 2019

I’ve been trying to do lots of random acts of kindness in Blake’s honor, but today I want to share something different. I was in the supermarket and my 2 year old was having an epic (epic!) meltdown. A Momma from my daughter’s school, who I know, but I don’t know super well, saw us down the aisle. She pushed her cart aside, and came over to us. She hugged me, and then pushed my son away in the cart, and said to me, “you’re doing great. take a minute.” As I type this, I’m getting teary. She brought him back a few minutes later, smiling, and she was giving him all sorts of loving affirmation about turning his attitude around. So… in honor of Blake, I’m not only going to continue paying kindness forward into the world, but I’m also going to take a minute to DEEPLY appreciate when I see kindness done. Louise Wylie had no idea what kind of week I’ve had, or how wiped out I was, and she stopped her day to pour love and support into my day. #forBlake

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