Take a Risk

Niki Willhoit / July 19, 2017

A friend of mine’s mother recently passed away & she has been grief stricken & completely overwhelmed by all of her new obligations to satisfy her duties to the trust. Today my husband & I purchased her mother’s home from the trust so that she has one less burden to bear with the sale & all preparations involved. We gave her the price she asked without any negotiating (not my normal style, but it felt good making her happy) & we are giving her all the time she needs for the celebration of life & the estate sale to follow, so all the pressure is off, we are on her schedule. As investors, this may not have been the best purchase we have made especially not knowing anything really about Riverside (where the house is located), but making an investment to benefit my friend & thinking about Blake, makes me feel so blessed to even be in a position to help. There are so many ways to help people, sometimes you just have to get creative or take a risk and just do it! You’ll be so glad you did!!

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