Take One Leave One

Jaquelyn / April 15, 2020

Last week as I was taking a walk around my neighborhood and I found one of those Free Little Libraries posted up outside someone’s house. I love finding these little libraries and sometimes come back with a book to swap. This particular little library had been emptied of books and instead had a single roll of toilet paper in it! Since toilet paper can be difficult to find nowadays, I thought that was a really great way to help a neighbor out. I happen to have A TON of toilet paper on hand on a normal basis, and plenty to hold me over until the next time I can get to a store. I decided to take a few of my extra rolls of TP, and donate them to this little library on my next walk. Inside each of the rolls, I placed a For Blake card.

Today, as I approached the house a man was working outside in his front yard. I got his attention and told him I had past their house last week on a walk and was inspired by their toilet paper idea, and asked if it was okay for me to donate the 6 rolls I had brought with me on my walk today. He was so pleased he went and called his wife to come outside to tell her what I was doing. They told me they got the idea for this act of kindness from their daughter, and noticed when multiple rolls were in there, people would take one and leave a roll for someone else. She said no one ever wanted to take the last roll! I love that even during these strange times, people are still finding ways to help one another, and those receiving the help are taking what they need so that others can also benefit from their act of kindness.

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