Take The Time

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / October 29, 2019

Tonight our family went to Super Mex and this sweet lady and her husband were walking in at the same time. Her name is Gloria and her husband is Anthony and they both walk very slowly with canes.

Nearly every guest walked around this couple to get into the restaurant ahead of them, but our daughter Jillian stood holding the door, for as long as necessary until they entered and then welcomed them through the door.

Later Gloria returned to her car to retrieve this beautiful handmade pumpkin pin to give to Jillian as a thank you for her kindness.

In return we decided to secretly buy their dinner in honor of Blake.

Love is a beautiful, cyclical feeling and movement that can easily be perpetual, as long as we just make the effort to LOVE.

Thank you Blake for the continued inspiration to love as many people as we can as often as we can. #ForBlake

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