Takes a Village

Claudia Mengelt / September 4, 2017

For Blake – my husband, my son, and I were spending some family time at the hotel pool. I was watching the pool attendant approach two kids (a boy – about 14 yo- and his little sister- about 11 yo) and telling them that they were not allowed to stay in the pool area without parental supervision. I could tell the boy was thinking very hard about “plan B” and I had a suspicion that his parents might not have wanted them to go anywhere else. I approached the pool attendant if I they could stay if I watched them … and so they were allowed to stay. I simply asked for their names, if their parents were in the hotel, and to please obey all the pool rules so they wouldn’t get in trouble. They were the nicest kids & their parents got a slightly longer break that holiday morning. It takes a village and I was sending positive thoughts to Blake’s village. I ❤️ what you started here and please know I’m grateful to contribute to #teamblake. I try daily to make Blake’s world a better place. Sending love and healing thoughts. Go Blake!

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