The Quest Continues

Lori Angela Mayne Rodig / August 9, 2017

So tonight I took my youngest son and my daughter out to dinner at one of our favorite places, The Olive Pit. Just after sitting down four firemen in full attire walked through the doors and Jillian said, “Mom, now’s a great opportunity to do something for Blake!” So I jumped up and nearly ran over to them before they reached the counter and blurted, “Gentlemen, my kids and I would be honored to buy you all dinner tonight”.

Their immediate response was warm, with smiles of appreciation but a firm, “We really are grateful for your kindness but we are not allowed to accept gratuity from anyone”.

I continued to insist, and explained Blake’s story and how much it would mean to do something for them in Blake’s honor; However, they were also persistent and said the department would not allow it but they were grateful and would pray for Blake.

Super bummed, I returned to our table to explain what happened to the kids. Minutes later one of the firemen approached, again explaining how moved they were by the gesture but why they could not allow the gift. He continued to say, “But I am a Christian, and God is the Great Physician, and I am confident He has Blake in His care”.

I almost lost it right there, his words were spot on!

So we failed at doing a good deed in Blake’s name, but so many are now praying for Blake: the firemen, our waitress, the staff and of course us, daily.

Oh, and the quest to do good deeds will always continue.

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