Through Blake

Sequoia Slentz / July 15, 2017

I know your family is suffering, but this is the most brilliant use of a tragic situation that I can recall in this lifetime. Earlier today I was scouting for homeless people to give money to and tell them the story; when I read all that has occurred in Blake’s name, I gotta say this is how our species needs to be operating at all times everywhere on this world to see the change that is so desperately needed. Although I’ve never met Blake, he has impacted my life and many many many others.

When I see my two healthy kids bouncing around and getting crazy, I’m so quick to snap at them, but then I think of Blake’s situation and I’m like “wtf is wrong with me”? I guess I’m somewhat spiritual, but certainly not religious, so it’s unlike me to say or post anything like this; God’s work is being done through Blake now. Big thanks to everyone involved…..

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