Touching Lives

Brooke Melody Kernick / September 11, 2017

Ok, so you know we have been thinking about you all since day 1 and have been dedicating ourselves to spreading the word and the love. On that note, we have one special story to share…we were driving back to NorCal from SoCal and stopped at a very small and local deli/liquor store for lunch. When I say “local”, I mean everyone knows one another except us out of towners . So my daughter and I were sitting there contemplating how we would go about buying lunch for the next person in line behind us (in honor of Blake) because we were the only ones there at the time. We decided we would just tell the sandwich person about it and then not see who the recipient would be. Not even one minute after we uttered these words to ourselves, this young 20’s something man walked in, approached us with his outstretched hand eager to shake ours and introduced himself. Instantly I knew something bigger was going on and Audrey and I exchanged knowing glances. He was super friendly, outgoing (may have had some special needs), kind, interested and was telling us that he was only going to buy a half of a sandwich because he didn’t have enough money to buy the whole thing. We talked to him for the next 20 minutes and he was just the kindest person ever and never to be forgotten. When we went to pay the lady at the counter and secretly pay for his lunch too, I explained Blake’s story and instantly began to cry. Her kindness, his kindness and the whole experience was overwhelming. Blake, you are touching lives all over California!!!

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