Train of Good Deeds

Heather Jones / January 6, 2019

Hello Team Blake!

Many of you have reached out wondering how you can help Rob and Leah right now. As they return to San Diego and adjust into their new normal, they will likely have little time to devote to shopping, prepping and preparing meals. We can take this one small task off their plate!

We have set up a Meal Train to provide them with meals during this period of adjustment. Meal Train is a wonderful tool that provides an online community calendar in which you may pick a date to provide the Davis family with a warm, delicious meal.

If you would like to participate and are local, you can prep the meal and drop it off on the date you choose. Don’t cook? Choose a date and have a meal delivered from a local restaurant. Not local but still want to help out? We have options for you, too!

If interested, click the link below to get started. If not local and you need options, please comment below with your email address, private message me your email address or email and we will provide you ways in which you can help our wonderful friends.

#ForBlake #GoodDeedsForBlake

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