Nikki Summers / October 30, 2019

Today I met a young lady in the nail shop who was turning 12 tomorrow. Halloween Bday! I asked her if she was having a party to celebrate; she responded excitedly because she was boarding a plane in the morning to go to New York for the first time. We chatted a little more and then sat in silence watching our nails get done. I couldn’t help but think, in those silent moments, of how I wished I were young again, but also of how thankful I was to have my youth. Blake immediately came to mind. I pulled out one of my ‘for Blake’ cards, and told the young lady next to me that I was paying for her nails today, and that I wanted her to have to best bday in New York. I handed her Blake’s card, and told her to pay it forward and do a good deed for Blake and to help spread kindness in the world. As I paid for her service (with everyone in shock) the girl came and gave me the biggest hug almost crying. I just love good deeds. #ForBlake

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